Choosing the right service of home care or elderly care will definitely ensure your loved one’s ease, comfort and can definitely enhance their quality of life. But if you are not very much familiar with the different types of in-home care services, deciding between them can be confusing. However, for your ease and comfort, we have specially categorized our services. You can choose or select the right category of solution or service as per your need or demand.

Bathing and dressing service

At DailyCare, we provide highly attentive services and check closely with the personal needs and care of the elderly. From hygienic bathing assistance by maintaining dignity to dressing service that will aid your loving one to look their best, we impart necessary solutions that can restore your peace of mind and give your elderly family member compassionate support.

Meal planning and preparation

We understand that at certain paths of your life due to various reasons it becomes difficult for a human being to prepare their own meals especially for the elderly family members of your house. So, if you wish to avail of meal planning and preparation service from us our experts are always there to assist you. Moreover, our expert meal planners can guide our clients with meal planning assistance specifically meant to comply with nutrition requirements.

Medication Reminders

When it comes to taking medicine on time our expert caregivers are always there to hand them the pill case and to make sure they take their medicine as per the doctor’s advice.

Companion Care

For most aged or elderly persons a companion care service provides great support or help. It imparts the true care and support that they require for accomplishing a wider array of daily activities. Our companion care service comprises meal preparation, light housekeeping service, etc. This provides a perfect option for anyone who requires assistance to live at home safely and securely.

Light Housekeeping

We provide light housekeeping solutions that can help to keep your loved one’s space clean, comfortable, and tidy. 

Transportation to medical appointments

We help to keep your loved ones active, fit and fine. So, if you want us we can help your elderly members with transportation services to medical appointments. We help in visiting a dentist, a doctor, and other necessary medical commitments.

Respite care for elderly

The process of respite care can be defined as a short-term break or relief for the primary caregiver who has been taking care of a patient or an elderly person for a long period of time. It is a temporary stay at an elderly’s place.  And at DailyCare we do not hesitate in providing respite care service to our clients.

For a lot of primary caregivers, taking care of their loved person is like doing a full-time job. The idea of going out of station or for a weekend trip or an unexpected short-term change in the process of caregiving requirements, similar to that of a doctor’s orders after being discharged from a hospital, or the continuous process of caregiving may become a serious stressor for caregivers who already feel worn out. So, if you are a caregiver and you need to relax for a short span who requires some extra assistance for a few weeks or even days, a respite care solution may become the perfect fit for you.

At DailyCare, our respite care solution imparts caregivers the right opportunity to take a temporary halt for any reason. While catering respite care we need to get access to the amenities and care that we offer on a daily basis.

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